The French healthcare system is ranked #1 by the WHO

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Dialog Health (in France) is a French company dedicated to promote the French Health and Social Care System by organising study tours and training programs on the most advanced and innovative facilities in France.

Our programs are designed for all healthcare executives and students interested in learning the French best practices.
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We can help you with a wide range of themes in the health and social care sectors
France healthcare system ranks #1 according to the World Health Organization. Our study tour will give you a comprehensive understanding of this performance, rooted between a strong primary care network and excellent acute and long-term care. Throughout exchange with national experts and visits of top range facilities, you will discover best practices to bring back home.
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Age care & Silver Economy
France has one of the highest life expectancy in the world. The long term care strategy relies on an organized coordination between housing services and home support. The national Alzheimer plan financed thousands of specialized care across the territory. Seminars and on-site visits will give you a comprehensive understanding of how this efficient network was developed to meet great age challenges.
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Disability care
Guided by a national reform in 2005, disability care in France continues to evolve around the user's rights and needs. From school to the (sometimes adapted) workplace, specialized services are integrated into a network. You will discover innovative solutions and excellent services as you meet experts in the field and visit facilities.
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Hospital at home
France has a unique expertise with hospitalization at home : for several decades, each part of the territory has to offer comprehensive acute care at home in complement to hospital care. Transfusions, complex wounds or end of life care can be provided at home with the same quality and security as in the hospital. Meetings with experts of the fields and visits will give you a theoretical and practical understanding of the potential of this French best practice.
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Mental Health care
France has a long tradition of caring for people with a mental health disorder. Services for mentally ill patients are provided by both the public hospitals and the private health care sector, with an emphasis on community-based settings. Public, private for profit and not for profit organization have a complementary activity to offer a wide range of preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic inpatient and outpatient services.
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Social care
France's welfare state provides comprehensive social care services for the most vulnerable part of the population. Child protection services, homeless housing or refugees integration are offered by a wide range of actors from the public sector and not-for-profit associations. You will get a global vision of the ways in which the French act to guarantee a safety net for all.
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