A team of experts

Specialists in organizing international study missions
Dialog Health team
Our team, a fusion of expertise and passion, possesses distinctive insights and a wealth of international experiences. We are dedicated to bringing professionals together to share and adopt the finest global practices.
  • Olivier de Robert
    Founder & Director
  • Mathilde Gomet
    Study Tour Project Manager
  • Romain Delasselle
    Study Tour Project Manager
  • Yulia de Robert
    Founder & HR
  • Marie Gaultier
    Study Tour Project Manager
  • Liliya Milenchuk
    Graphic Designer
Dialog Health Experts
Our experts, the cornerstone of our achievements, provide deep expertise and insightful perspectives that revolutionize healthcare and social services practices globally.
  • Isabelle Dufour
    General Delegate of Gérond'if, the Gerontopole of Île-de-France, and Hospital Director
  • Paul Tandonnet
    Hospital Director, supports the optimization of health facility organizations
  • Ilaria Giannico
    General Delegate of the European Union of Private Hospitals, Consultant for the WHO
  • Fany Cérèse
    Doctor of Architecture specializing in inclusive home transformation

  • Léo A. Nouchi
    Speaker on autism, independent television professional, writer

  • Judy Martin
    Director of the Board of the Global Aging Network

  • Michel Calmon
    Doctor of Law, CEO and hospital leader, teacher, Home Health Care

  • Perrine Cainne
    Hospital Director, facilitating individual and collective transformations
  • Florence Mathieu

    Engineer, innovator, committed to the well-being of seniors

  • Caroline Vaillant de Guélis
    Architect, specializing in the transformation of medical and social facilities