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Hospital at home Study Tours in France

Shifting care from the h ospitals to the homes is a solution to contain cost while offering high quality care. France has been providing structured hospital at home care since the 70's. Today, each French region has to offer this types of care. The list of procedures that can be p rovided at home is set, and the quality accreditation process is the same as the hospital's. Coupled with numerous solutions of home care, France has a unique expertise on that major evolution of care.
Your Hospital at Home study tour
Our programs are based on cohesive groups of participants. We tailor our study tour programs for health care executives, doctors or students according to their specific needs or interests.
Guaranteed learning

Emilie Lebée-Thomas, Director of the programs at Dialog Health and former health care administrator in France makes sure that each of our program guaranties a high quality learning experience.
Each study tour includes a balance of lectures by French experts and field visit, with a strong accent on professional immersion. You will visit the hospital at home and home care facilities in France and meet with their executive teams for a direct access to their hands-on expertise.
Learning outcomes:
Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the French hospital at home system by meeting with key experts at the Ministry of health and in the main national organizations.
Visit top-end facilities to discover best practices and innovations that could be transferred internationally. New technologies, organizations or human competencies, the French home care economy is rich with solutions that will inspire you.
Reflect on the challenges met by healthcare systems in the world and discover solutions to improve care for the world's population.
Step out of your daily context, exchange ideas with pairs and develop your network.
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