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Age Care

Creating Innovative Solutions for the Elderly with ACEP

ACEP is an association dedicated to piloting innovative solutions for the Elderly.
In the Greater Paris Region, the Association ACEP is piloting several projects to improve the quality of life of the Elderly. The nursing home Le Patio is an example of their proactive approach to the challenges of ageing.
The Association for the Creation and Experimentation of Innovation Solutions for the Elderly (ACEP) has started its work in 1981. Today, they offer global services to the aging population of Roissy en Brie, in the Greater Paris Region.

The nursing home Le Patio is a private non-profit facility with a capacity of 193 beds, including 3 temporary accommodation beds and 12 memory care beds. All 193 beds are eligible for social assistance for people with limited ressources. The residents suffering from Alzheimer disease or memory alterations benefit from an innovative service promoted in the National Alzheimer plan: an internal day care service (PASA). During the day, selected patients can go to this enclosed unit and enjoy targeted activities designed to support their memory and lower any behavioral disorder.

The association is also active to support Elderly people at home: they manage an Alzheimer day care center with 10 places and offer home care to 55 local residents. The Sport Coachs of the association offer sessions at home and in collective, setting to maintain the physical wellness of the population.

The use of technology to empower the Elderly residents and improve care is very present, as well with eConsultations and TeleHealth on site as with social robots such as Paro, or through a software dedicated to the relationship with the families and friends.
At the ACEP, taking care of our teams is central to the quality of care we want to offer to our residents. That's why we offer fitness classes and free massages to our care professionals.
Vanessa Monottoli — CEO
French innovation in action
The very architecture of the nursing home Le Patio is unique and has been designed to reduce behavioral disorders and promote the memory of the 5 senses:
- The colors have been carefully chosen to be soothing and to help patients find their way around the building;
- A space has been dedicated to show cooking;
- A music therapy room is opened to the residents with a unique sonosphere in France;
- A Snoezelen room and 7 balneotherapy are present to help the residents relax;
- A sensory trail will be installed in the park in the spring of 2020.

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