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Mental Health Care

AddiPsy: an outpatient center to overcome addictions

Addipsy is an specialized outpatient facility of the groupe Santé Basque Développement based in Lyon.
AddiPsy is a specialized outpatient facility that offers addictology care. Their innovative approach meets the criteria of psychosocial rehabilitation.
The AddiPsy outpatient center is a day hospital of the Groupe Santé Basque Développement offering addictology and general psychiatry care (depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, etc.). The addictology care, innovative in this field, meets the criteria of psychosocial rehabilitation, seeking to obtain the patient's recovery and reintegration into the community.

This outpatient facility is treating for all addictions as well involving licit products (alcohol, tobacco) as illicit products (cannabis, cocaine, ...), or without products (internet, gambling, sex, food (bulimia, overeating, ...). The focus is not on the product but on behavior at the origin of the pathology in all its components: objective, intersubjective, bodily, etc.

The patient suffering from an addictive behavior benefits from a multidisciplinary evaluation that allows the care team to have a faithful reflection of the weak points but also of the preserved components of the person. All the patient's dimensions are questioned during group situations and individual interviews with a neuropsychologist, psychologists (CBT, systemic, etc.), nurses, an occupational therapist, psychomotor therapists (for the bodily dimension), social workers, and, if necessary with a somatic physician. This assessment is based on the use of scientifically validated international scales, but also on the clinical perspective.

The restitution of this evaluation to the patient takes place during a shared educational assessment that allows them to define their individual treatment plan. Each plan is based on therapeutic objectives which are shared, personalized, realistic and based on self-determination.

The care implemented within the unit responds to the different phases of clinical evolution: risk reduction, cognitive remediation, early relapse factors, consolidation. The treatment combines different methods: psychotherapeutic (CBT including mindfulness), psychodynamic, systemic, physical (psychomotricity, sophrology, relaxation, adapted physical activity, etc.), dietetic, occupational therapy, social techniques, etc. The professional recovery component is done in collaboration with a partner specialized in job reinsertion.
It is important for us that AddiPsy takes part in the teaching of psychosocial rehabilitation in addictology at the local and regional level, through classes for medical and paramedical students. This specialized unit also has a vocation of scientific and human sciences research on addictive behavior through collaborations with the local universites.
Dr Olivier Drevon CEO
French innovation in action
AddiPsy personalized care plans are one of a kind because they are defined in three stages:
o A precise assessment of the disorders and their consequences;
o A definition of personalized, shared therapeutic goals, based on self-determination;
o A care project using different psycho-therapeutic techniques (CBT, Psychodynamics, physical…) and techniques that are not based on drug prescription.

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