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Mental Health Care

Clinique Bethanie: structured care pathways in mental healthcare

The Clinique Bethanie is a mental health hospital of the groupe Santé Basque Développement located in the suburb of Bordeaux.
The Clinique Bethanie is a hospital in the South of France that offers structured care pathways for patient suffering from a mental health disease.
The Clinique Bethanie is at the heart of the regional system which provides care for patients hospitalized for problems related to mental health.This specialied hospital takes care of patients presenting various psychic disorders through the following care modalities:
- Full hospitalization: 72 beds.
- Part-time day hospitalization for infant and children: 20 places.
- Part-time adult day hospitalization: 15 places.

Since 2019, the clinic also has opened a day hospitalization service specializing in Eating Disorders intended for patients between 16 and 25 year olds.

The Clinique Bethanie offers in and out-patients and their families structured care pathways with different focuses: young adults, early pathologies, care for healthcare professionals, eating disorders, child psychiatry, etc.
Since 2014, the Groupe de Santé Basque has been working to make the Clinique Bethanie an innovative mental healthcare actor in the South West of France, focusing on unanswered care needs such as eating disorders.
Dr Olivier Drevon CEO
French innovation in action
The Clinique Bethanis is engaged in major renovations to update its facilities and develop new care solutions in treatment spaces that are more welcoming and spacious. Among the new care pathways, the creation of two day hospitals, one to deal with eating disorders for 16-25 year olds and the other for early psychotic disorders of children and others are meeting unmet needs in the region of Bordeaux...

The Clinique's healthcare professionals are also always innovating and developing new treatments such as the use of virtual reality to treat phobias (fear of flying, agoraphobia, etc.) and addictions. Fighting burnout, in particular among healthcare professional, has been a priority, and a dedicated outpatient unit has been opened recently.

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