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Mental Health Care

Comprehensive mental healthcare at the Clinique Chateau Caradoc

The Clinique Chateau Caradoc is a mental health hospital of the groupe Santé Basque Développement located in the South West of France.
The Clinique Chateau Caradoc is a hospital in the South of France that offers comprehensive mental healthcare in an healing environment.
The Chateau Caradoc psychiatric hospital has a unique setting in the heart of the city of Bayonne. It offers several care pathways (full hospitalization, day hospital and free consultation). The Clinique is installed in a 19th century castle, on the heights of the Basque Country. After major renovations and the development of an ultra-modern wing, it offers a wide range of treatments to treat mental health disorders.

With 101 beds in single or double rooms, the Clinique Chateau Caradoc offers care in full hospitalization for adults and for young people aged 16 to 25. In connection with the Regional Health Agency, the hospital has expanded its offer by welcoming these young adults for early pathologies (depression, suicidal crises, etc.). In the same logic of completing care pathways, the Clinique has opened a post-emergency care unit in partnership with the Hospital Center of the Basque Coast.

The Clinique Chateau Caradoc also offers outpatient care, an alternative that allows patients to maintain their everyday life. Several sectors are involved: adult's eating disorders at the DABANTA center, depression, bipolar disorders (with the FondaMental Bipolar Disorder Resource Center) and psychoses. The Caradoc Clinique runs a psychosocial rehabilitation center, offering in particular cognitive remediation and therapeutic education for patients suffering from the latter two pathologies.

The Clinique works in parallel on the specific public of children and young people, with a unit for eating disorders of young people and an infant-juvenile day hospital, to treat the pathologies of children from 6 to 14 years old (anxiety, depression ).
A unit dedicated to perinatality care (parent-child relationships, post-delivery pathologies) should be opened soon, the first of its kind in the South Western region of France.
Dr Olivier Drevon CEO
French innovation in action
The Clinique Chateau Caradoc is unique for the quality and diversity of its therapeutic approach. It has a gym, a balneotherapy and a hydrotherapy unit, the benefits of which add up. The clinic also does not hesitate to invest in the field of Emotional, Cognitive, Behavioral Therapies (TeCC), to help patients act on stress and negative emotions. All in a modern, warm and soothing setting, open to nature and the city.

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