Clinique des Minimes: geriatric post-acute care in Toulouse

The Clinique des Minimes is a post-acute care facility specialized in geriatric rehabilitation.
Located in the heart of Toulouse, the Clinique des Minimes is developing comprehensive care for elderly patients with a multidisciplinary orientation.
The Clinique des Minimes' specialized teams provide full continuum of care for their patients: geriatric acute care (in and outpatient care), specialized post-acute care for elderly patients with multiple pathologies in full and part-time hospitalization, long-term care and memory care.

The Clinique des Minimes is developing an ethical approach to care, with excellent partnerships including the Toulouse University Hospital. The Clinique is part of several networks, including the Ageing and Addiction Prevention Local Team.

Some ambitious projects will be finalized in 2020, including the inauguration of a health center that will ensure the proper orientation of patients, especially the most vulnerable ones and those in precarious situations. The Clinique des Minimes will also open a geriatric oncology department in partnership with experts from the Toulouse University Hospital.
Quality processes and risk prevention are top priorities in order to provide optimal care for our frail patients.
Pierre-Yves de Kerimel, CEO
French innovation in action
Post-acute care is a French speciality : the Clinique des Minimes is a specialized intermediary between the acute hospital and the patients' home. Thanks to its multidisciplinary teams (geriatricians, physiotherapists, social worker, etc.), the patients can leave the acute ward as soon as their medical situation is stabilized and benefit from tailored care that will help them regain their independence.

As a specialized post-acute facility, the Clinique des Minimes has developed an interdisciplinary approach to the care needed by frail elderly patients so they can return at home in good conditions.

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