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HAD du Littoral: Specialized Hospital at Home in the North of France

HAD du Littoral is a Hospital at Home agency located in the Northern Part of France, providing specialized care (including chemiotherapies) at home.
The HAD du Littoral is a Hospital At Home Agency providing specialized care such as chemiotherapies or palliative care in the home of the patient as safely as in a hospital setting.
The HAD du Littoral is a non-profit association, created in 2005, spread over 3 geographic branches covering the entire territory of Boulonnais and Montreuillois in Hauts-de-France. Today, it has 80 employees (nurse, caregiver, doctor, pharmacist, social worker, psychologist, administrative staff, logistician, etc.).

The HAD is a structure that offers patients the possibility of staying at home and in their family comfort while providing technical care that would have required prolonged hospitalization a few years ago. The agency offers continuous multidisciplinary care and we have 24/7 care thanks to the deployment of nursing, administrative and medical on-call duty. The HAD du Littoral is special as they provide very specialized care such as palliative care, enteral-parenteral nutrition, complex bandages, heavy nursing, chemotherapy, respiratory assistance and pain management .

Their operation is based on the signing of agreements with social and medico-social establishments both in the elderly and in the disability sector. A partnership with city medicine and regional health establishments is also predominant. The HAD du Littoral has extended its pediatric activity by adapting supports to young patients, while strengthening its relationships with the services and networks of pediatric professionals in order to best support children and their parents.
Quality processes and risk prevention are top priorities in order to provide optimal care for our frail patients.
Nathalie Marteel, CEO
French innovation in action
The HAD du littoral is developing injectable chemotherapy at home by extending it to its entire territory of intervention in order to remain within the objective set out in its establishment project, namely, to offer patients the possibility of staying at their home and in their family comfort, while assuming technical care which would have required prolonged and / or repetitive hospitalization a few years ago.

Carrying out injectable chemotherapy at home responds to a precise procedure established and validated by the ARS, ranging from the delivery of cytotoxics from the hospital pharmacy, to their administration and the elimination of cytotoxic waste.

The HAD du Littoral healthcare professionals are particularly vigilant on the following points:
• Transport methods with secure case, insulated packaging with temperature control and "decontamination" kit in the vehicle in the event of an incident.
• The conditions of administration with clinical evaluation, the setting at the right temperature and the procedure for administering chemotherapy as well as the proper use of the protection kit for the caregiver.
• Securing waste in the patient's home with double packaging and the cytotoxic waste elimination circuit at the end of treatment thanks to a specific scheduled collection.

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