Hopital Foch: innovating to improve patient's experience

The Hopital Foch is a private not-for-profit hospital located in the proximity of Paris, that promotes patient experience to improve on a continuous basis.
Located in the Paris region, the Hopital Foch is the first private teaching hospital in France. Improving the patient's experience is a the heart of its strategy to offer excellent care.
The Foch Hospital's mission is to provide access toall to the best medical and surgical care for patients in Paris and around the world. This private foundation receives, treats and follows up its patients while striving throughout to ensure that the most appropriate care pathway is followed.

Foch is a private hospital recognised to be of "public interest" (ESPIC) and claims this dual status, which enables it to combine the desire to help the greatest number, as a public service, with the flexibility conferred by private management. Since 1996, the Foch Foundation has entrusted the administration and development of the Foch Hospital to the Foch Hospital Association, a charitable entity combining the Foch Foundation, the Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council and the town of Suresnes.

For all these reasons, the Foch Hospital sees itself as a special hospital, proud of its dual identity and its dual objectives. This is made possible by the work of the Foundation in supporting its infrastructure, innovation and research projects.
Looking for medical excellence should not make us forget the basics: the hospital is a place of welcome, of hospitality.The Foch Hospital has therefore made improvement of the patient experience a priority. This is a public health matter to which we are devoted.
Jean-Paul Vermès, Chair of the Foch Hospital Association
French innovation in action
The Patient Experience process is built on discussion and collaboration and bases its ambition on the concept of collective intelligence. A methodological tool seems particularly suitable for this project: the Living lab.

A Living lab is an open innovation laboratory. The user is placed at the center of the program in order to imagine, create and develop ideas, services or innovative tools that meet the expectations and needs of patients and / or caregivers.

The Hopital Foch Living lab was set up in September 2019 on the ground floor of the hospital, an ideal location at the crossroads of all the targets: patients, their carers, healthcare staff and all of Foch's stakeholders.

The program of the next workshops is displayed in front of the space, with on the program: Mobile application for mom and dad in maternity, exit information, website ...

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