Housing and Care Initiatives:

The Experience of UK and France

  • UK & France
  • Age Care
  • 16 delegates
  • May 2024
From May 6th to May 17th, a delegation of 16 executives from Australia embarked on the SAGE UK/France 2024 study tour to gain insights and inspiration from the best practices in the UK and France's social housing systems. This program was specifically designed to offer professional insights into providing care and services to UK and French citizens, with a particular focus on models of senior care and housing.
The primary objective of the tour was to investigate how care services are delivered to older people and senior citizens. Given the global trend of an aging population, Australia is no exception, and it is crucial to explore different approaches to meet the challenges of the future.

UK Program
The study tour first started in the UK with an introductory seminar to gain insights on UK care systems from top industry leaders. Over the span of eight days, the delegates visited ten different facilities in the London area, all owned and operated by various public and private organizations, offering insights from both regional and national perspectives. These organizations not only showcased successful commercial models in the field but also provided an overview of the current elderly care system in the UK.

France Program
The journey continued in France for five days where the delegation visited an Alzheimer Village, which offered valuable insights into non-medicinal and person-centered approaches to dementia care. Delegates then explored care and support for dependent elderly people and individuals with disabilities. The delegation attended a seminar focused on the French medico-social system, addressing challenges of aging, the role of Gérontopoles, and home services in France. They then visited facilities providing social housing units with senior and family homes.

On the last day of visits, the delegation went to a retirement home that offers a comfortable and supportive environment for elderly individuals, with various amenities and services tailored to the needs of seniors. This includes assistance with daily living activities, communal spaces for socializing, and medical care. An intergenerational crèche fosters enriching exchanges and surprising discoveries between children and their elders. This meeting engaged insightful discussions and concluded with a tour of the senior residence.

This program offered an ideal platform for information sharing and education, enabling participants to explore and exchange international experiences. It was an opportunity to build enduring professional relationships, both internationally and domestically, facilitating increased dialogue among industry professionals about the future of aged care and offering new perspectives to bring back home.

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