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Institut Gustave Roussy: at the forefront of the battle against cancer

The Institut Gustave Roussy is one of the main actors of the cancer research and care in the Paris region and in Europe.
Located in the Paris region, the Institute Gustave Roussy, member of the French Unicancer Federation is the premier European Cancer Center. The Institute offers patient care, research and teaching, and it treats patients with all types of cancer.
The Institute Gustave Roussy was founded by Professor Gustave Roussy, the father of the concepts of «cross-boundary working » and «multi-disciplinary patient management». For 70 years, this specialized Center has been developing an approach to oncology which remains faithful to its founder's values: innovation, dynamism, cooperation and benevolence. All of this is built on the three guiding principles: patient care, research and teaching.

Care : Gustave Roussy's teams innovate in care, to organize shorter care pathways and offer very high quality care, less invasive and increasingly personalized. The Institute provides medical oncology, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, interventional radiology and reconstructive surgery and has high-tech infrastructures: robotic surgery, renewed ambulatory surgery tray, completely revised radiotherapy tray, chemotherapy preparation robots, genomics. Gustave Roussy is the European leader for early trials and offers patients access to innovative medicines within very short deadlines.

Research : The Institute is organized as an integrated center for fundamental, translational and clinical research. This approach is a source of therapeutic innovations. Gustave Roussy mainly focuses his research on personalized medicine, immunotherapy and DNA repair. Gustave Roussy is the leading European center for personalized medicine and immunotherapy.

Teaching : The Institut Gustave Roussy is involved in passing on its oncological expertise by training doctors, research scientists, nurses, students and all health professional caring for cancer patients. Its high-level educational programs are delivered by international experts.The École des Sciences du Cancer was set up in 2012 by Gustave Roussy and Paris-Sud University. It is one-of-its-kind in France and educates students for the new types of competences required in oncology.
Gustave Roussy priorities are to place the patient at the center of the hospital, to combine medical excellence with compassion, and to modernize the hospital using new technologies.
Pr Jean-Charles Soria, CEO
French innovation in action
The Gustave Roussy Institute is engaged in several major international research programs including the Oncobiome consortium. In collaboration with 16 international partners, the objective of the programme is to determine the relationship between intestinal microbial signatures (GOMS) and the incidence, prognosis and resistance to treatment (and toxicity of this) in cancers of breast, colon, lung and melanoma.

In 2015, Gustave Roussy's teams launched an institutional program dedicated to immunotherapy: the GRIP (Gustave Roussy Immunotherapy Program). This program aims to strengthen Translational Research on these new treatments, and accelerate the Clinical Development of Immunotherapy, in order to facilitate access to these treatments to a larger number of patients. Immunotherapy boosts the immune system to fight cancer cells. Gustave Roussy Institute is a pionner in immunotherapy and is the largest tratment facility in Europe. Between 2013 and 2018, 241 immunotherapy-based clinical trials were initiated and 3,317 patients have been treated with immunotherapy.

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