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Lab-ah: designing the future of mental health care

The GHU Paris Psychiatry and Neuroscience has opened a laboratory dedicated to improving hospitality. Using design methods, the lab partners with all the stakeholders to improve care experience.
The lab-ah of the GHU Paris Psychiatry and Neuroscience uses design approaches to improve care hospitality for its mental health patients and the teams of healthcare professionals caring for them.
Since January 1st, 2019, the GHU Paris Psychiatry and Neurosciences regroups three mental health hospitals in the Paris region (Hôpital Sainte-Anne, Groupe Public de santé Perray-Vaucluse and Établissement Public de santé Maison Blanche). This public mental health care group employs 5,600 staff including 600 doctors, with an annual budget of 420 million euros. In total, 60,000 Parisian users are welcomed each year by their healthcare professionals. Following more than a 100-year of expertise developed at the Hôpital Sainte-Anne, this group allies neuroscience psychiatry to build a unique identity.

Since 2016, the group runs its own design laboratory called Lab-ah. With a team of three designers and a cultural manager, this lab focuses on the improvement of the hospitality in the GHU Paris Psychiatry and Neuroscience.

The purpose of the lab-ah is to support healthcare teams and users in their project to co-construct forms of hospitality by mobilizing the resources of artistic creation, design and cultural development. These approaches are called Workshops and fully integrate all the stakeholders of each project: relevant departments, medical and nursing team, users, partners ...
Our goal at the lab-ah is to have an impact on the quality of life of our staff and to support the path of recovery of our patients by carefully designing a positive care environment.
Marie Coirié — Head of the lab-ah
French innovation in action
The lab-ah is involved in many architectural projects in the GHU group. During the construction of a new building where four preexisting activities were to be reunited, the team of designers reflected on the reception and design systems to be implemented in this bigger clinic in order to better integrate proximity, friendliness and inclusion.

A concertation system was created including, among other things, an immersion phase with users and professionals, participatory workshops on the themes of hospitality (organisation of the reception areas, name of the structure, etc.).

The preparations led to the emergence of an initial diagnosis and some proposals were then deployed: a participatory mapping of the neighborhood from urban walks, a tracking system by color, custom-made information furniture, regional cultural partnerships, a refined design of waiting rooms.

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