Supporting the elderly: the European experience
  • Europe
  • Age Care
  • 3 delegates
  • September 2023
From 24 to 30 September 2023, a delegation of Japanese executives from the Medagricare organisation took part in a study mission in Europe, in search of new perspectives on support for the elderly.
From 24 to 30 September 2023, 3 Japanese leaders from the Medagricare organisation went on a study trip to Europe to explore new approaches to care for the elderly.

Given the global trend towards an ageing population, Japan is no exception, making it essential to explore different approaches to meet future challenges.

The programme began with a presentation of the French medico-social system and the work carried out by FEHAP. This exchange was particularly significant because, in March 2023, a FEHAP delegation took part in a study trip organised by Dialog Health to Tokyo, to discover the Japanese medico-social system. This experience was an exceptional opportunity to discover Japanese medico-social practices and establishments up close, including an instructive visit to a MedAgricare group establishment.

The day of September 25 continued with a visit to the Santé Services Foundation.
The following day, our delegation continued its discovery of the various French players in the field of support for the elderly. The programme included a visit to the ABCD94 group and the Gérond'if gerontopole.

After two days of training in Paris, the delegates headed for the Netherlands to learn from Dutch experience in caring for the elderly.
For their first study day in Amsterdam, our delegates visited Vilans, a research group specialising in long-term care, and Het Mennistenerf & Zorgcentrum Pennemes, two long-term care facilities.

To round off this international study visit, our delegation discovered AllerZorg and the Hoog Kerckebosch retirement home, before travelling to Buurtzorg Nederland, a pioneering healthcare organisation based on a holistic, nurse-led care model.

The programme provided an ideal platform for sharing information and best practice, allowing participants to explore and exchange international experiences. The study programme in Europe also helped to develop lasting professional relationships on an international scale, fostering greater dialogue between professionals in the sector and providing new perspectives on care for the elderly to be applied in their home countries.
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