France / Europe

Reinventing living spaces
for people living with
mental, cognitive or psychological disabilities

  • France (Lozère, Montpellier)
  • Care for the disabled
  • 13 delegates
  • September 2023
From 18 to 22 September 2023, Dialog Health organized a 100% immersive workshop to discover cutting-edge medico-social structures in Lozère and Montpellier.
On Monday 18 September 2023, the 13-strong delegation from medical and social care facilities embarked on the first stage of the ATHOM workshop, entitled "Reinventing living spaces for people with mental, cognitive or psychic disabilities".

Accompanied by Caroline Vaillant de Guelis and Cécile Sechao, architects specialising in adapted housing at Atelier AA, the Avranches-Granville hospital centre (Mont Saint-Michel hospital group), afiph and the Département de la Manche began their training with a presentation of the housing approach and a tour of the "Les Sapins" medical-educational institute (Association Le Clos du Nid, in Lozère).

The following day, our delegation continued their study trip to the heart of inclusion and discovered several innovative care establishments in terms of architecture, organisation and technology to promote inclusion in the field of mental disability.

The day's programme included :
1) Visit to MAS de Booz.
2) Visit to the FAM de l'enclos.
3) Visit to IM Pro le Galion.
4) Discovery of the Colagne home.

On Wednesday 20 September 2023, the delegation travelled to Atelier AA (Montpellier) for an initial interactive workshop aimed at imagining the ideal living environment for its residents. This was a perfect echo of the first two days of meetings with professionals, which helped them to rethink their workplaces and improve their ergonomics.

For the final day of the learning expedition, the delegation once again travelled to the architectural firm Atelier AA (Montpellier) to take part in a creative workshop aimed at familiarising themselves with the human-centred design innovation method for imagining, designing and implementing desirable living environments for people with disabilities.

In the company of Florence Mathieu, social design engineer and founder of the start-up Aina, participants of this study mission were able to develop different scenarios for the construction of a future medical-social establishment.
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