Clinique Les Trois Soleils: robotic rehab in the Paris region

The Clinique Les Trois Soleils is a post-acute care facility specialized in neurological and locomotor rehabilitation.
Located in the south of Paris, the Clinique Les Trois Soleils provides highly specialized neurological and locomotor post-acute care and was a precursor in using robotics for rehabilitation.
The Clinique Les Trois Soleils is a for-profit hospital specialized in post-acute care for patients with neurological or locomotor disorders. The pluri-professional teams develop up-to-date care solutions, such as mobile rehabilitation teams that care for patients at home or at partner institutions.

The Clinique Les Trois Soleils offers comprehensive and versatile rehabilitation programs for convalescing patients who have suffered orthopedic, musculoskeletal or neurological disorders. First private for-profit rehabilitation center in the Ile-de-France region to develop an arm rehabilitation robotics center, the clinic has 68 beds for patients hospitalized in rehabilitation after a stroke, a lesion of the spinal cord, multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases.They also provide home rehabilitation and outpatient care.

The in-house clinical research team published many key studies on InMotion robotic systems and continues to conduct large clinical trials on patients after stroke. Studies by Dr. Christophe Duret and his colleagues have focused on the effectiveness of robotic therapy when combined with or compared to usual care, and have demonstrated the beneficial effect of robotics on the motor recovery process.

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At the Clinique Les Trois Soleils, we like to follow-up with our patients after discharge to make sure their rehabilitation is complete. That is why we partnered with local gyms to provide tertiary prevention on a local basis.
Paul Gobin, CEO
French innovation in action
InMotion Arm by BIONIK Laboratories Corp
The Clinique Les Trois Soleils developed one of the longest experiences in robotic rehabilitation of the upper limb in France in partnership with the InMotion Arm by BIONIK Laboratories Corp. With 6 arm and wrist rehab robots, the patients and team use a state-of-the-art technical platform.
The specialized rehabilitation team of the Clinique Les Trois Soleils also uses Virtual Reality for the rehabilitation of the upper limb, using the technology developped by DESSINTEY Company. The IVS3-INTENSIVE VISUAL SIMULATION is a visual illusion generator that offers a new approach to mirror therapy.
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