Perineal Rehabilitation:
the French experience
  • France
  • Health
  • 30 delegates
  • November 2019
On the 14th of November 2019, a delegation of 30 members of the Japanese association "Physical Strength Maintenance" went to Paris to discover a typically French know-how: the re-education of the perineum.
They met one of the French experts on the subject: Noëlle Cornier the founder of Relais Maternité.

Post-natal pelvic rehabilitation is a practice reimbursed by the French social security since the 1980s. This has allowed the development of a unique know-how that can be found in the Relais Maternité: a center for women in all walks of life, facets of their motherhood. Classes are offered before delivery: yoga, sophrology, haptonomy, so many elements to prepare parents.

Preventive pelvic rehabilitation is also important to avoid postnatal incontinence. After birth, pelvic rehabilitation is reimbursed for 90 days. Relais Maternité offers different solutions including biofeedback and electro-simulation treatment. Japanese participants were captivated by this presentation, which will continue in Japan in 2020.
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