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Réseau APA: solidarity in action

Réseau APA agregates more than 16 associations dedicated to enhancing solidarity in the Eastern region of France.
Social care, age care, housing, innovation, Réseau APA builds mutual aid and service communities to allow each person to benefit from a network of human help and services in the face of life's vagaries.
Located in the Northeastern region of France, the Réseau APA brings together several associations dedicated to care for people with a shared ethics: mutual aid and solidarity.
The Réseau APA is a group of associations in the Northeastern region of France operating in the field of social care and solidarity economy. Above all, this network unites women and men gathered around a shared state of mind: mutual aid and solidarity; respect for the person helped and the work of colleagues and partners; enthusiasm and creativity, to improve the response to changing needs; social and economic performance, to make the best use of available resources, to the greatest benefit of the entire population.

The 5,200 employees and 1,000 volunteers of the Réseau APA are fully invested in the implementation of social care solutions to important concerns of the population. Their services include:
- Home care and support in daily life
- Support for carers (peer groups, day care, etc.)
- Legal aid
- Housing for seniors including nursing homes.
- Social activities (leisure, animation, sports, etc.)
I volunteer at the Réseau APA to bring a ray of sunshine in the beneficiaries' day
A volonteer of the Réseau APA
French innovation in action
Identifying the opportunities of the new technologies, the Réseau APA decided to invest in an innovation team dedicated to harness the potential of digital solutions. Several very innovative solutions are already used in a daily basis by the Réseau APA members and beneficiaries:
- Several nursing home and home care providers are installing sensors in elderly people homes to help them feel secure and prevent any incident.
- The Réseau APA also develop the use of e-health solutions at home and in their facilities, to improve the quality of care and the connection with local healthcare providers.
- Social robots, if they are used properly, are a vector of care improvement. One of the occupational therapists works in tandem with Zora the robot in several nursing homes in Mulhouse.

To learn more about the Réseau APA's innovations, go to their youtube channel:
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